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We specialize in scientific laboratory equipment repair and maintenance, provide professional services for scientists and researchers in equipment and instrument prototyping, data acquisition hardware and software developing, experiment setting up, system integration, scientific equipment installation, test and calibration.

Our services include but not limited to the following fields and applications:

  • Repair and Maintenance of General Laboratory Equipment (such as water chiller, micro-centrifuge, autoclave, deep freezer, RF heater, incubator, analytical instrument, etc.)

  • Design and Prototyping of Scientific Instrument

  • Electronics Design and Prototyping

  • EMC Feature Design and Test

  • PCB Layout, Review and Production

  • High Voltage/Current Supply Design, Prototyping, Repair

  • Custom-made Cable

  • Custom Machining and Production

  • Radiation Detection and Protection

  • Radiation Detector Maintenance and Repair

  • Gamma Ray Spectroscopy and Mossbauer Spectroscopy

  • Mass Spectrometer, NMR, ESR Spectrometer Maintenance and Repair

  • Ultrasonic and X-Ray equipment Maintenance and Repair

  • Laser Application, Measurement, Maintenance and Repair 

  • Cryogenic and Vacuum System 

  • Vacuum Pump/Gauge Maintenance and Repair

  • Cryocooler Maintenance and Repair

  • Astronomical Observatory Maintenance

  • Astro-telescope Maintenance and Repair

  • Sensor, Transducer, Gauge Maintenance and Repair 

  • Data Acquisition System Design and Data Analysis

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